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  vnude is a multifunctional body contouring device that combines

a body massager, a face massager and a face brush into one awesome tool!

- The molded hard massage tips of our massager increase circulation, stimulate the fascia tissue and reduce cellulite while contouring your face and body.

- Also, the soft brushes clean the skin while do a lymphatic drainage helping the body get rid of toxins, and these silicone brushes enable creams and oils spread more evenly on your skin for better and faster conditioning!

- The magnetic inserts help balance energy, reduce inflammation and remove toxins from your body!

vnude is made with a fusion of wheat straw fibers and BPA free plastic.


It takes 60% less energy to produce, and it is harder than plastic

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body and face massager together

face massager and brush

molded massage fingers and body brushes 

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vnude benefits and highlights



Offers 3 functional products in 1 affordable package!, Stop wasting money buying different expensive devices. This revolutionary massager features a full body massager with 14 hard fingers and body brushes, a face massage tool with 5 smaller hard fingers and a face brush! It is perfect for massaging sore spots and tight fascia all around your body!



Take control of troublesome muscle aches and tension with our all-in-one trigger point massager!. It aids in myofascial release, which is a form of therapeutic massage that helps ease built-up muscle tension and improve blood circulation! Also, the built-in strong magnets help balance electromagnetic fields!



vnude is super versatile, allowing you to massage any part of your body!. It is great for increasing lymphatic drainage, muscle recovery, range of motion and injury prevention! Our deep tissue massager also helps to reduce cellulite and dark spots while contouring your body and can be used in the shower, over cloth or in combination with creams or oils.



Our handheld massage tool is built to last, ergonomically designed to reduce hand tiredness, it is made of a premium grade, BPA free material with a combination of natural

wheat straw fibers to make it stronger and unlike other fascia massagers, vnude is virtually shatterproof, it will not break!



The face massager sits on the body massager and are held together by magnets. Also, we have designed vnude with a safety strap to prevent accidental falls or to hang it in your shower!, Everything comes in a carrying silk bag inside a beautiful cylinder gift box, so you can easily bring it with you in your purse, backpack or gym bag and enjoy a full-body massage anywhere, anytime!



vnude is a great gift for everyone!;  It helps to improve the skin condition, contour the body, reduce cellulite and relief muscle pain. vnude is a superb quality product packed in a beautiful gift box!

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