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Congratulations on your vnude purchase!

Please take the device out of the silk bag and get familiar with it:

At first glance, the massager looks like one piece with a safety strap. The base contains 14 molded massage fingers and 2 body brushes to evenly spread oil and creams for skin conditioning. Its is ergonomically designed to better adapt to the body contours and to reduce hand tiredness.


By pressing on the top finger-print graphic you will be able to separate the smaller massager from its base, this contains two sides; a face brush in one side and smaller massage fingers on the other one for the more delicate areas.


Both the base and smaller massager are held together by strong neodymium magnets.

vnude can be use in the shower with soap, oil, massage creams or over clothes. 

- Lymphatic Drainage: Start by tapping your body parts with your hands from the extremities towards the center, creating a natural Lymphatic drainage, Using light pressure slide the massagers along your body towards the center.

- Fascia activation: If you suffer from circulatory conditions as hypertension, thrombophlebities or you suspect of blood clogs avoid Fascia Activation.   To help release the fascia, start massaging with lightly movements back and forth and side by side over the concern areas for about 2 minutes, then with a more firm rub for another 2 to 3 minutes per area.

- Cellulite: To minimized fat deposits, follow the instructions for lymphatic drainage on the first session, then the Fascia Activation technique and use circular motions on stubborn areas. It is recommended to use it every day. (Use it as part of your daily warm shower routine)


- Muscular Pain: Use the massager to release trigger points and muscular contractions; apply pressure to area hold and wiggle for few seconds then rub the area with the hard fingers.


vnude was design to rejuvenate, to tighten and to smooth the appearance of the skin!

Bruises and pain could be expected the first two weeks of treatment, once

the body adjust to it, these will despair unless you have capillary fragility.


Enjoy the results!

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