Frequently asked questions

Is Vnude battery operated?

No, Vnude is manually operated due to its different uses and the and it allows better pressure control for the individual needs, check our instructions page.

How Do you take care of Vnude?

If using in combination with oil, rinse under water with hand soap and pad dry both massagers.

Will Vnude break if accidentally dropped?

Vnude is made of a special fusion of Wheat Straw Fibers and recycle plastic which is stronger tha regular plastic. Its parts are sonic welded and its massage fingers are molded to prevent breakage. It is made to last

Do you need lotions or oils when using Vnude?

Vnude can be use in combination with soap, oil or massage creams but it also works well over your exercise clothes. I recommend to use Vnude under the shower with liquid body soap as it makes the masage better and it will leave you with an envigorated and fresh sensation, or use it with essential or massage oils as they are not easily absorved by the skin and make Vnude glide while your skin gets conditioned.

Why does Vnude works better than other fascia massagers?

Vnude is a Multi-functional product that combines, magnets to balance electromagnetic fields, a face and a body massagers with massage fingers, soft brushes for lymphatic drainage and as skin cleanser, a safety strap to prevent accidental drops and it does it all combining 3 products in one ergonomic, quality made and easy to use solution. Virtually shatter proof!. No need to buy different separate products!

What parts of the body is this used for?

This product is perfect to reduce the aperance of cellulite and muscle pain in the inner tights, butt, stomach, legs and arms, but please note; if you have a condition like blood clog, varicose veins or other inmune desease ask your physician if Vnude is a good fit for you.

What is the product warranty?

We will replace or refund your purchase within 30 days if the product has a quality issue, missing parts or if you are not satisfied with it. Just contact us and return the product to us.

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